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NBA All-Star 2018: Slam Dunk Contest

VICTOR OLADIPO, PACERS Oladipo’s ability to make the most of an off-season trade from Oklahoma City with a breakout year in Indiana has been one of the league’s best storylines this season. The first-time All-Star and Most Improved Player candidate will get a second chance at adding a Dunk Contest belt to his résumé after finishing second to LaVine in 2015. At 6’4”, Oladipo is a compact, power dunker who favors spinning tricks. In 2015, his best dunk was a “540” in which he double-clutched and then reached back for a reverse finish following a dizzying spin. That dunk drew a perfect “50” from the judges and led Oladipo to parade around the court with a sign that read “Mr. 360,” much to the crowd’s delight. Surely, Oladipo will go back to that portion of his toolbox on Saturday, given how quickly and effortlessly he is able to complete mid-air rotations.    The rest of Oladipo’s 2015 contest was less impressive: He caught an alley-oop off the side of the glass for a one-handed 360, he …